Here’s to the New Year

And just like that, it’s the end of the year and end of the decade. Time really doesn’t slow down!

I so clearly remember the millennium, heading down to the massive bonfire at Jardin de la mere and fireworks, feeling like a grown up being allowed to stay up until midnight, it’s currently 9pm, I’m in my pyjamas waiting to go to bed. Time really does go fast now I’m 94…

Christmas this year was pretty uneventful. It’s still not the same having a warm Christmas and being away from family (and not devouring my body weight in cheese and 6 different deserts!)

James has been off work, so making the most of his time biking, walking around the hardware shop and watching drone or bike videos on YouTube. I however have had to work, in the words of Miranda’s mum ‘such fun’.

We started Christmas Day this year with an 8am parkrun… James was obviously thrilled about this. And even more thrilled when I whipped out the Santa outfit, just because I can!

A quick 5k was then followed by breakfast and FaceTime with the fam back home.

Father Christmas was very kind to us this year, he even got “us” a new go-pro wrapped in a t-shirt for me. He is very clever dear Father Christmas, the present was for both of “us” as the t-shirt was for me and the go-pro was most definitely for James!

My sister also got us a flying dinosaur helicopter, it is AMAZING! I can now play drones with James.

Summer is now in full swing and the sun has been out to play which has been great! Not so great, I’ve had to cycle in to work and watch it out the window

At least there’s been some beach walks with our friends dogs, the crazy fools watch you throw out a stick for them, decide they don’t want to go and get it. Watch you go out to retrieve it then come running up to you splashing everywhere in the water to greet you and thank you for fetching their stick. They know exactly what they’re doing, little brats!

Check out the mug in up to their bum getting wet!

There’s a “challenge” going around Facebook at the moment, called the decade challenge, posting a picture of where you were 10 years ago and now.

Crazy to think 10 years ago I was in India, and now we’re in NZ. SORRY MUM!

At a wedding in India, Dec 09

Now, I need to go and sleep so happy new year to you all. May the next decade be filled with as much love and laughter as we’ve had in the last few years ♥️

The adventure continues…

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