Gone cycling

And just like that, the year of ‘it’s ages away, we have plenty time to train and get fit’ has disappeared aaaaaand we leave in a couple of days’ time and head North, this time with jet power opposed to pedal power to begin the journey of a lifetime.

Hopefully, this website will serve as a bit of a ‘hey we’re still alive and we have phone signal to let you know what’s going on’ rather than trying to update everyone individually.

We will try to document the highs and lows of the trip and the immeasurable amount of food we will consume after cycling for +-10 hours a day.

Keep up to date with where we are here

And to sponsor us, we’re raising money for 3 charities, 1 in Jersey and 2 in New Zealand. To find out all the deets, Clicky clicky here

And to add some epic tunes to our Spotify playlist, check it out here!

The adventure is just beginning…

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