A case of the windy pops

Last week was pretty exciting at Chateau Belle View (I’ve just renamed our house with a hint of irony as I sit here not being able to see 2m out the window due to rainy/drizzly/fog!)

My visa was approved! Much to the disappointment of my parents that we won’t be coming home anytime soon – sorry folks!

However the sun has been shining and finally, it was almost as if it’s summer with minimal wind, gorgeous sunshine and blue skies. a stark contrast to last weekend.

The office Doggo once again graced us with her presence – have I introduced Flo? The happiest little doggo ever.

She comes sprinting down the office to my desk first thing in the morning to say hello then goes around the office getting pats.

You need cuddles, she does cuddles

Sadly this week I had to say ciao-for-now to one of my first friends I made when I came to Wellington. Tonga’s finest Lapulou was heading back to Christchurch which called for a lovely evening out.

This girl taught me so much, from multiculturalism in NZ, took me under her wing and that no matter how hard you try some people just don’t like parkrun…!

And how to take a good picture, I still need to work on my angles apparently

Parkrun was put on hold this Saturday after sleeping through my alarms for 14 hours and boy did I need it. After the last few weeks of long training rides I just needed to snooze, do boring chores and head to the British shop to stock up before Christmas! Now comes the challenge of not opening the twiglets and shortbread before Christmas!

Sunday we had to get out on the bikes for a training ride, the grand plan was to go from home around 80km-ish around the coast, then back home over the mountains. Small problem, the wind.

In the background you can just about make out the South Island (if I had a better camera you’d probably be able to see it!)

By the time we’d made it 40k round the coast the wind had got us, we’d taken a wrong turn and instead of going over the mountains instead tried to go around. Bad move. Ended up having to push our bikes through some pretty deep sand

After deciding that going right the way around the coast was a bad idea we started heading back inland towards home, forgetting last time we took this path we were on e-mountain bikes, this time we were on rigid packing bikes loaded with bags pushing up a scree hillside. Lovely!

After battling against a crazy headwind we eventually made it to civilisation and grabbed an ice cream, lemonade and collapsed on a bench.

Finally decided to crack on the final 15km home, which took us via the mountain bike park, James thought it would be a great idea to take our loaded bike packing bikes down an intermediate jump track. Mmmhmmm

The guys riding back up the hill certainly gave us some questionable looks (and probably thought “bloody tourists” until James came hurtling down jumping and clearing some of the jumps!)

Now, as it’s Christmas, and we’re not feeling festive at all (still can’t get used to a warm Christmas, it’s not the same!) here’s a picture of Lily back home who patiently watched every single bauble be put on the tree and was most disappointed they weren’t being thrown for her to play with

The (un-festive) adventure continues…

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