Turning 97

I celebrated my birthday in August, yay me!

However, I didn’t turn 27, I skipped 70 years and am now 97 years old and it’s brilliant. My joints creek when I get up off the sofa, I enjoy copious cups of tea, I have a supply of worthers originals in the car, I can’t see shit without my glasses on, and I now crochet.

(These were with last years card from James – he knows me too well….!)

You may have noticed I have been a little quiet here recently, that is because a lovely new girl has started at work and she crochets. I now crochet too! It’s all terribly exciting.

I have half made a little pink elephant, made countless Christmas trees and this evening have started making snowflakes.

The Christmas tree in progress

A new catch up blog will follow this week.

Exciting times ahead in the next few weeks with Mama and Papa IN NEW ZEALAND!!!! Never thought I’d see the day they’d leave Saint Peter! They arrived safely and adjusting to daylight at 9.30 pm and HEAT!

The (aged) adventure continues…

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