Hello? Anyone there?

Woahhhh it’s been a long time since I have been here. Quick fire round of what’s been happening:

  1. I still haven’t fixed my broken keyboard on my laptop, which makes typing very annoying and the excuse I’m using for not writing a blog update for so long!
  2. I then broke my phone with all my pictures on too – that was fun……………… I have since had my technical help, James, put me a new screen on my phone and its all working again. Not allowed to put my phone down my bra when I go running. iPhones and sweat don’t mix, apparently.
  3. Got new tyres on the van, after James ‘did a James’ and got a quote for the wrong size ones which were going to cost $600, then the correct ones cost $1000 – YOUCH! So thy were kinda bald…
  4. I finally made and finished my first ring at jewellery school.
  5. I got away with making the flat more homely (read, girly) and got some lights up – after some help from James.
  6. James helped with the laundry…
  7. One of my awesome colleagues found some wotsits – so in true NZ tradition took time out for morning tea and sat in silence eating them. (You can’t get wotsits over here, we aren’t just weird.
  8. I broke my road bike, apparently if you ignore a funny noise, things will break and fall off, so now I have a hole in the frame where the water bottle cage has broken away from the frame and taken the frame with it. OOOOOPS
  9. We have had our first weta experience. Do not play the video if you hate creepy crawlies, just skip through. I accidentally crushed it in the door frame on my way to work in the morning. It didn’t die. ughhhhh
  10. We’ve nipped up to Rotorua, as you do. Had a brilliant long weekend with some friends and only one crash – by me, crashing on a non-existent tree root.
  11. I lost my Garmin (bike computer GPS thing) getting an up-lift to the top of the mountain, had to crawl back down the hill to look for it, only to get to the bottom with a very sad face to find one of the bus drivers had stopped and picked it up from the middle of the road – woohoooo! $300 saved.
  12. Made me and Samantha matching rings – sometimes I’m nice to my sister 😉
  13. We nipped back up to Rotorua for another long weekend. Another public holiday – They love ‘em over here! We stopped off at the Hukka Falls in Taupo on the way back down. We hadn’t been since 2015, not much has changed aside from security guards in the car park and notices everywhere advising your vehicle may be broken into. Classic NZ.
  14. Found huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge liquorice allsorts!
  15. James crashed his bike and ripped his ear… Little did we realise at the time that he had given himself very serious concussion and would still be suffering 5 months later ☹
  16. The clue his head was bad probably came on the Monday morning when he didn’t want to go to work, I thought he was just being a brat and not wanting to go to work on Monday morning so made him cycle to work… Bad Girlfriend
  17. James head home for 2 weeks to surprise his Fam. the last picture is sunrise at ouaisne and in he top right it my view of sunset in Wellington
  18. I had to keep myself busy whilst he wasn’t here so made our boring chairs more ‘Victoria’ oh and my feet too
  19. We celebrated our 3 year anniversary whilst he was home, cue flowers being sent to work and me bawling my eyes out because I missed him. Thankfully my very lovely work mates took me out instead.
  20. We made home a little more festive – which is still very weird when it’s 27 degrees outside
  21. My very lovely friend Jo who is currently travelling around the world, again, stopped by to see us which was lovely. Considering I met Jo when we were living in a zoo in Malaysia whilst volunteering (read clearing up orangutan and gorilla shit) and seem to always be adventuring it was apt to once again meet up the other side of the world!

Other really exciting things happened too, but that will follow. I have a pot of angel delight to demolish before ‘it goes off’ obviously won’t last in the fridge overnight so I have to eat it now.

The adventure continues!

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