“Stop being such a shit girl” – Nurse James 

Well it’s been an interesting few days to say the least!!
Headed out across Sydney Harbour to Manly which is where all the local hotties hang out at the weekend, with blue seas and white sand – AND STILL THE THREAT OF SHARKS LURKING AROUND IN THE FRIGGIN WATER (which nobody else seems to be freaked out by) 

(Let’s play another game of spot the tourist… )

With the water at 21 degrees it would have been rude not to jump in  – which was freezing thanks to it being scorching hot.

After a day wondering around we head back to Sydney, via the supermarket and found some spinach!!! Did have to cringe at paying $5 for a bag and then laugh when James asked in all seriousness if we should get 2 bags to stock up because we don’t know when we will have it again. (Elaine, I appear to have broken your non-veg eating son)

With the bridge climb planned for the following morning we had some carbonara and watched the sun set and head off to bed before the noisiest roomie started making noise at god knows o’clock again.

Some time later that evening, I became unwell, very unwell and didn’t stop vomiting. Thankfully James was genuinely caring and looked after me.

As the temperature got up to 38ish degrees we rescheduled the bridge climb for the following day I spent the day in between the bed and bathroom and James spent the day hiding in air conditioned rooms playing his motorbike game.

The following day, after electrolyte drinks and a slice of toast we set off to the bridge climb, thankfully I felt a lot better although at 9am it was already 34 degrees. Not fun.

Donning the fabulous jump suits and baring the cheesy jokes of our instructor Graham we were kitted up and head out onto the bridge. The views from the under the bridge were fantastic, then we started to climb – thankfully you are harnessed on so even the clumsiest person in the world, yours truly, couldn’t fall off. Stopped for one cheesy picture then climbed some more…… until my body decided it didn’t want to play anymore, eyes went black and white and I had to sit down. After a little sit down and a bottle of water I felt fine again to continue… for about 30 steps until it happened again and I nearly passed out. The paramedic came down, fed me glucose tablets and decided after not being able to find a radial pulse it wasn’t the best idea in the world for me to climb the bridge for another hour and a half so I was brought back down.

James continued to climb and perfected the art of looking cool in a figure hugging jumpsuit. – Pictures will follow (they’re on a USB and my laptop is in storage in Sydney!)

After a coffee and a muffin I felt marginally more human so off to the Blue Mountains we went, on an air conditioned train – bliss!

The intrepid adventurers continued and more ‘not blog’ blog will follow soon x

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