Blue Mountains: “it’s only 3 chunks of rock”


Armed with some spinach sandwiches we journeyed west to Katoomba in the Blue Mountains National Park, which we had high hopes for having been told it’s ‘the place to go’ to get out of Sydney.

With great excitement as we walked from the train station to the hostel it started to drizzle! Hallelujah! Cool air at last, then we saw a Mac pac (possibly my favourite outdoor store) however as it was 5 o’clock everything in Katoomba was closed, bar one bakery, Dominoes Pizza and a couple of pubs. Therefore dominoes was in order for dinner, sadly I was defeated after only 2 slices.

Fear not, pizza for breakfast and some flat sprite would set me up for a day of walking… 16,522 steps according to James’ phone (and at least 2000 stairs) *insert sleepy face here*


Enter a caption

We got tickets onto a hop on hop off bus which would get us around the main sights with some nice walks in between, however, as it’s Chinese New Year, half the country seems to have taken a holiday to Australia and it was heaving with Chinese tourists who;
– Don’t know how to queue
– Spit everywhere
– Are VERY loud
– Don’t understand personal space
(James: #notracist)

We stopped off at various points, and walked around. One of the major attractions was a scenic skyway (the highest cablecar in the world), scenic railway (steepest passenger railway in the world) and a scenic cableway (largest cableway in the Southern Hemisphere) – do you get the hint, pretty Aussie and trying to be the biggest and best.

At the bottom of the mountain there was a lovely walk under the trees which went past an old railway linked to the coal mines below – if I had paid more attention to what we were told I could tell you more about it instead, here’s a picture of James riding a horse


Sadly the clouds decided they didn’t want to play and our views weren’t half as spectacular as we had hoped, but we still had a good day out. Even paying $3.50 for a calipo!

img_5883 img_5827img_5865img_5895

Katoomba falls

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