G’day mate

img_5650Well, we finally made it!  And it’s hot, very hot, like melty hot, like even though the sun wasn’t out it’s still going to burn your head to a crisp kinda hot!

We couldn’t check into the hostel until 2pm so, still with jeans, flight socks and long tops on we went for a mooch around the city.


Spot the goon at the opera house

After an hours hunt for the supermarket we realised we aren’t very good at reading maps and following the GPS on your phone is a lot easier! 7 minutes later we were back at the hostel realising that we’d seen most of the city.

As it is Chinese New Year (27th Jan) the year of the Rooster, the city was alive, and obviously we went home to sleep, to be woken up by our (very noisy) dorm mate.

The following day we had planned to head off to Taronga Zoo, and it was hot. Opening the door to head outside in the morning was like opening the oven door and stepping right in. Grim.

We decided after yesterday’s crispy forehead disaster we would buy hats. Brilliant idea until we were on the boat crossing the city and mine blew off. Goodbye $30.


The zoo was rather fun, I shall post some pictures later,

After a days walking around the zoo, we walked to the centre of the city to the Sky Tower for an incredibly cheesy, Asian Tourist filled trip up to the top to see the city from a different angle

James was clearly thrilled at this point after a lot of walking and not enough Pringles.

After dinner, we sat in the communal room to use the wifi and watch the dirt shed show (mountain biking stuff on YouTube) after 39 seconds James was fast asleep so off to bed we went, to once again be woken up by our very noisy roommate.

Aunty Pam, in answer to your question, it gets dark around 8pm

Now time for more adventures and sun cream.

Happy Sunday everyone!

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