Finally made it off the rock, onto the larger rock

Classic Victoria was back in action this morning – lazing in bed and not wanting to wake up, despite Lily launching herself at my face numerous times. 

However after a few hours of ‘getting my shit together’ I was packed (again) ALL VISA DOCUMENTS PRINTED and a final cracker and Brie breakfast we were ready for the trip to the airport. 

Jersey was delightfully foggy for our final farewell, however with the lovely man at Jersey Airport being super helpful and sorting out our baggage being paid all the way through the flight left early and we were on our way…. for 24 hours of flying in an oversized tin can. 

Special thank you to aunty Ann for our little piece of Jersey to come with us 🇯🇪

Next stop Sydney, via Singapore, it’s going to be a looooooooong night! 

À bétôt mon vie 

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