The perks of having the flu…

Didn’t think there were any, apparently I was wrong.

One perk of being a sickly snot bag is when you’re forced to stay in at the weekend when you should be out riding your bike you have LOADS of free time to tidy up your website ready for a summer of fun! Turns out if your weekends aren’t taken up cycling you have loads of time. Who’da thunk it?!

A full fun-filled post of what we’ve been up to since my last post will follow, but a quick update:

  • I’ve had flu, twice.
  • James has been poorly, twice. (For you kiwis poorly = crook)
  • We have an office doggo at work who is THE cutest little pupper on the planet.
  • I now say pants instead of trousers. Ugh.
  • Winter has been awesome fun aside from being sick so much.
  • We’ve been snowboarding, naturally James was awesome even after a quick ‘just get on with it’ lesson from me.
  • We’ve just realised we haven’t been to Rotorua yet this year, must change that!
  • James still suffers because of his concussion, boo.
  • James’ concussion continues to improve, yay.
  • Was sent to Vanuatu for a week with work, was pretty damn hot with lots of work and I was quite grateful to be in air-con meeting rooms all day.
  • We’re racing 170km in 2 weeks around Lake Taupo again, this time James is joining me for the fun. However flu may mean a slow cruisey ride, but that’s ok.
  • I found my second grey hair. Eeeeek!
  • We should be training for Tour Aotearoa but sickness has stopped us – check out the new page here! explaining everything about the Tour.
  • We now have 8 bikes in New Zealand (and more the other side of the world…!) because you can never have too many bikes apparently.
  • I still have unfinished crochet projects from probably last time I wrote a blog(!)
  • James set fire to his face at work and singed off his eyebrows, eyelashes and part of his beard.
  • We brought a house plant, he’s called Professor Green.
  • Set up an Instagram to make posting about travels quicker and easier. Check out spokes_and_spoons and follow us.

And that will do for now.

There’s also a new contact page for you to email us, so test it out and show us some love!

The adventure continues…

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