Lessons in how to Kiwi

  1. It’s secretly still the 80’s here, they even have tupperware 
  2. Don’t be fooled by the many cows in the fields, New Zealand can’t actually make decent cheese/milk/yoghurt (possibly because we have been spoiled thanks to Jersey Dairy)
  3. Also, biscuits aren’t proper biscuits, they are dry flavourless dusty pieces of cardboard *please send emergency supplies of digestives*
  4. Everyone sticks to the speed limit
  5. Their political system is confusing, and all happens in ‘The Beehive’
  6. Kiwi’s are OBSESSED with pies
  7. When people say ‘it’ll be sorted this week’ they are lying (It’s been 3 weeks and counting)
  8. Central heating isn’t a thing here (although it gets cold if not colder than home) people just have heat pumps/air con units
  9. Post isn’t delivered everyday – madness
  10. They have burger flavoured crisps. Sounds rank, is most definitely not! Think monster munch crossed with roysters
  11. Shopping trolleys are called ‘trundlers’
  12. Weather is spoken about more here than the UK, not that you would have thought it possible
  13. Wellington has its own microclimate, the rest of the country in monsoon rains, not Welly, still sunny with wind
  14. It is always windy in Wellington
  15. Pretty much everywhere you look there’s an awesome view
  16. Every shop you walk into will be filled with THE most helpful staff
  17. That said, everyone is really friendly (and don’t give you strange looks when you talk to their dog(s) – we need a dog!)
  18. Scampi doesn’t exist here – At which point James makes a sarcastic comment about ‘going to a new country to try new things’ and just end up dreaming about the things from home
  19. Kiwis say some strange things, like ‘yeah nah’ meaning nah, and ‘nah yeah’ meaning yeah, and ‘far out’ if something is cool and ‘bro’ just bro everything….

It’s just pretty cool… Bro

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