Caesar Salad…

So, after a hike up a mountain today I fancied a salad for dinner, James obviously did not so made noodles, chicken and veg.

I have a plate of lettuce, Caesar dressing and plonk some chicken on top.

In the pack of lettuce were some croutons.

James: what’s that?

Vic: croutons for my salad

James: why’ve you got those?

Vic: to make my salad better

James: *laughs* so, to make your plate of lettuce better you add some stale dry crispy plain bread.

Vic: yup

I don’t think I’m going to win this one.

This comes after I tried to feed him sweetcorn with dinner last night, didn’t go so well and I find the leftovers like this outside the van this morning…..

And here’s some pictures from our hike up Rainbow Mountain today,

Adventure continues 😄

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