Tour Aotearoa – Day 2.0

(For those hawk eyes, I’ve changed the title as technically the days riding has already been done, but we turned around in March, so it doesn’t count!)

After only going to bed at 11:30pm it was never going to be a good thing to hear my alarm go off first thing.

A quick call to the COVID patients back home then chucking the final bits and pieces into our bags and we were off… to work. Doh!

I was very lucky and was allowed to leave around 10:30, and snuck off to James’ work where he was trying on new jackets debating to go for the hideous colour but good gore-tex shake dry fabric, or the black jacket that is waterproof but not as waterproof. Of course he chose the black one.

We got to the boat with plenty of time and spied lots of fury friends who needed lots of pats.

For once, the ferry was running on time and we even managed to leave port 3 minutes early! Our excitement was short lived, after a quick nap on the boat the loudspeaker announced we’d been taken off course due to a kayaker in the shipping lane.

After about an hour of drifting towards the kayaker, they were scooped up by the coastguard and we could continue on our merry way, just over an hour late.

We eventually arrived in Picton to grey skies, but it felt good to be on the road again. We’ve cycled this route 3 times before so there was no faffing around trying to work out the route, just off we went.

It started to spit, this wasn’t so bad as it was forecast to rain 0.5ml, which is like a drizzle. It was not a drizzle. It absolutely chucked it down. My shoes were full of water, my top saturated just yuck. We found a tree to stand under and put our jackets on (at this point we were already soaked) so I took off my too and just had my jacket on. It didn’t help, the rain was so heavy. We got going again and it slowed up a bit.

Because we are super organised when it comes to bikepacking (SARCASM, we’re actually useless) but this time we’d booked somewhere for the night to camp. In the rain. Yay. It didn’t sound appealing so we stopped off at the holiday park and paid $60 for a cabin. At least it meant we could tumble dry our clothes too.

We reheated some homemade pizza for dinner and demolished it in about 0.3 seconds, waited for the tumble drier to finish and hit the pillow at 9pm. At least it’d stopped raining.

The adventure continues…

2 thoughts on “Tour Aotearoa – Day 2.0

  1. Fantastic to read that you’re on the trail again guys! Jealous much.

    I’ll watch your dot and try and scheme up a rendezvous with you in about…..11 days? That’s plenty of time for me to get fit enough to tag along behind you for half a day or something.

    Take excellent care of each other! Merry Christmas too.


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