Wake with ants, sleep with ants, we are one with ants

(Pictures will follow when we have signal, we have one bar of signal and GPRS – whooooooooooooooooo)

After rudely being awoken by James proclaiming “I really love ants, they’re my favourite*” at god knows what hour, the day didn’t start that well.

*we all know James didn’t say that, but can imagine just what he did say…

Yesterday a coke bottle had exploded over his gloves, he had rinsed them but they were still the best thing these ants had seen all year. They were hanging in the “porch” of the tent, but the little buggers took the opportunity to somehow make it into the main sleeping quarters. One was not amused.

Eventually after about 2 hours of “packing” read, reorganising the bags we head off north. We didn’t get too far before there was a four square (Jersey folk, think Spar) before stopping to grab the essentials, Doritos, muesli bars and croissants.

The roads were slightly more quiet than yesterday, but hilly, just rolling hills.

Weirdly a lot of turkeys, if anyone knows what that’s about, please let me know.

At one point we had stopped at the side of the road for a breather after a particularly long hill and James announced he wanted a steak and egg roll. It just so happened we were stood next to a field of black cows, so I pointed at a cow and called ‘steak’ at which point the cow tilted its head and dropped an ear – I think she spoke English.

We carried on and so did the hills, just one after another after another. Eventually finding a cafe for some lunch and an ice cream. We must’ve been tired as James ordered a bacon and egg burger and then we were both surprised when it came out with bacon, egg and a burger not just bacon and egg in a bun.

After lunch it didn’t get much more fun, just hills on hills, it was slightly cloudy but still a million degrees. Not helped by the ‘sport’ waterproof suncream (that james chose, juuuust pointing that out) that just made you sweat like crazy.

We both agreed that the next shop we find we’ll sack it off and get a better suncream (apparently I’m not allowed the usual spray one we get because the bottle is “too big” and bag space is precious these days.

Eventually we got to the turning to the campsite where we had planned to spend the evening. It was a question of do we cycle to the Cape now, up at least one more hill that was in front of us, or do we just turn down to the campsite. We deduced to carry on to the cape. Very quickly changed to, nope we’re too tired and we turned around and headed back to the campsite.

There was a crazy set up at the campsite with around 70 tents set up in rows ready and waiting for the people who had got a shuttle directly from Auckland Airport.

We bumped into the guy who we met at the Barrier Air check in desk the day before. He’s a very lovely chap called Nigel, lives down in Fiordland daaan saaaf. He and James spent hours talking bikes, bits and stuff (I switched off, surprising that!)

After a quick dip in the sea, we had a shower/rinse in a cold water outdoor shower. The shower, for some reason was covered in wasps. No thank you.

We made dinner down on the beach, which this evening was an uncle Bens pre-cooked rice and some freeze dried vegetables (which was supposed to feed 5 people so the ratio of rice to veg was erm, very Victoria and not very James).

Again we hit the (very hot) tent at 8:30 to try and get sleep, before the alarm goes off at 4:20 for the first climb of the day out of the campsite up the gravel track to get to Cape Reinga lighthouse.

The adventure continues…

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