Rainbows and raindrops

With the chaos of a long weekend adventuring and getting home to no food in the house, Tuesday evening was spent in the supermarket much to James’ amusement.

But he was good, so got some treats….

Thankfully the weekend came around pretty quickly and it was parkrun time. This week I decided to do my first volunteer duties and was in charge of writing the race report.

The theme for this week’s parkrun report was parkrun dogs – so off I tootled and got a doggy cuddle with all the parkrun dogs.

You can read my full race report here; http://www.parkrun.co.nz/lowerhutt/news/2017/09/04/lower-hutt-parkrun-282-2-september-2017/


Here’s the pictures of the dogs which didn’t work on the link

We have Dotty,




And Monty

Later in the afternoon we head off up the coast to a place called Queen Elizabeth Park for a nice walk along the beach.

Little did we realise the beach would be FULL of dogs, we must have been walking around ¾ of an hour before we saw another couple walking along the beach without a dog! We were in doggy heaven.

We pootled around the coast for the rest of the afternoon which was lovely, especially to be so near to the sea again.

We found these really weird shell things which I haven’t a clue what they are – if anyone knows, please let us know!

Mama always warned me about the trolls that live under bridges

We then had a little adventure to the British shop which is about 5 minutes away from home. Found James some tins of proper Heinz soup and a real Cornish pasty – it was awesome!

Sunday was spent like this….

With one of James’ friends leaving work in the week, we head into town – I know! We went into the big smoke!

After a recommendation we head to a little waffle place for dinner – oh my goodness, they were amazing. James had a cookies and cream waffle, and I had a lemon meringue pie one. Oh my goodness.

that was my dinner and I didn’t need anything else.

Spring is now in full swing in windy wellington, which this week has been making for some beautiful sunrises. I’m now even cycling to work with just shorts, no leg warmers. Nice.

The weekend was pretty uneventful, I managed my first parkrun in quite some time without stopping running, still slow, and painful, but getting better! James had gone out riding with the boys, so I was pottering around and found some curtains for the house and caught up with some sleep. However, after getting home and putting one of the ‘blackout’ curtains up and realising that our current non-blackout curtains were darker they went back to the shop!

The sky had turned a gorgeous red colour so we set off with the camp stove in toe and went for a little adventure to eat dinner. We sort of failed in that it was 90% dark by the time we stopped and blowing a gale and starting to rain, but when adventure time calls – adventures will be had!

Before too long it was Monday and work time again. This week’s mission was not to be lazy and cycle every day. Ugh. The hill up to home is such a killer (at least we’ll be safe when there’s a big earthquake and a tsunami!) But my legs were not loving the thought of 5 days riding!

Tuesday we came home to a very nice parcel which my Aunt had sent out for my birthday, which had taken nearly 7 weeks to get here – if you’d like to send us stuff, maybe don’t – the post here is SHOCKING! But I was not going to complain about a Percy pig biscuit and a nice cuppa tea after a long day at work!

After a very well placed advert on facebook had caught my attention, I was going to be spending the next 8 Thursday evenings on a jewellery making course – Something I have always wanted to do, just never got around to doing!

Week 1 was spent learning the basics, so we started with a small sheet of copper, learnt how to measure it, cut it, anneal and mould it and solder together, tidy it up and polish it.

Thoroughly enjoyed doing something different and creative. I will keep you posted as to how I get on!

After needing a lie-in I missed Saturday morning parkrun. But as it was the weekend, it was adventure time. This weeks adventure took us an hour and a half sort of north, through a mountain range and into the Waiohine Gorge area. It was rather remote farm land with nothing but animals and trees for miles around.

We saw some lovely little piglets snuffling into the ground.


Loads of lovely lambs

And a rogue mummy sheep with two lambs who had managed to escape from their field!

After 9k up a long gravel road we reached the carpark, and it was raining. Helpfully I hadn’t picked up our rain jackets, only our warm jackets so we waited in the van with a cup of tea hoping the rain would subside.

Whilst waiting a gorgeous rainbow appeared right in front of us, sadly I hadn’t brought out my good camera and only had my phone which didn’t capture just how bright this rainbow was, and it was so near, stating in the ferns to our right and ending just in front of us.

The rain wasn’t going to let up so off we pootled up a track which we thought was the right way to go!

Eventually we found a map which showed us all the huts dotted around the mountain range, where you can camp for the night, not something for today!

We set off on our little walk to find the swing bridge across the river

Followed by a trip down to the river

Soon it was home time, and back home.  Needless to say James fell asleep about 10 minutes into the journey and only woke up when we were at the bottom of the hill!

For dinner, we were treated to some real Heinz tomato soup. YUM!!!! They have a brand called Wattie’s over here, which looks exactly the same as Heinz, but tastes like Tesco own-brand in comparison.

Sunday was time for bike rides after croissants for breakfast – we haven’t had croissants since leaving home, and they were oh so good!

We set off to poll hill – somewhere we rode last time we were in Wellington in 2015. All I could remember was the looooong climb with loads of twisty turns. Helpfully, or unhelpfully, I’d forgotten my glasses and hadn’t put in contacts so was pretty much riding blind – always helpful!

We set off up to the top of the mountain to the wind turbine which was huge, 67m high to be precise, weighs 83 tonnes, each blade is 20.8m long and the tip of the blade can travel at speeds up to 290kph (there was a factsheet at the top, I haven’t suddenly turned into a renewable energy nerd!)

It was so noisy at the top and sounded like the red arrows flying past!

(James, with no smoke, pofft, some battle of Britain week this turned out to be!)

We cruised on down, well, I cruised half blind, James sped off, until I caught him up jumping up and down with his bike half down the bank stopped by a tree – he’d run out of talent and slipped off the jump he was doing and landed rather heavily and cut his knee and grazed his hand, hip and elbow. Boo-hoo.

We found some German bunkers (almost like being at home) and pottered on down the hill

It all too quickly it was Sunday evening and planning another week of work.

The adventure continues…

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