“I don’t want to go for a run, it’s Monday and my endorphins don’t work on a Monday” 

So today was gorgeous, it started being woken up by James at 6am whilst I was mid-dream eating Indian food

With no traffic we James was dropped off at work by 7.20 and I was back home ‘looking for a job’ (also known as snuggled back up in bed) by 7.40!

Followed by a FaceTime with ma amigos and some silly face filters

After a busy day of watching ‘Say yes to the dress’ on YouTube (thanks claire, spent the whoooole day watching it), it was time to pick up James from work
The view was gorgeous as I was leaving, with the sky looking all crisp and blue, cue excitement and wanting to get outside

After a long day at work James was not so keen to get out and go for a run, apparently my reasoning of coming for a run because it’ll induce endorphins was not good enough because James’ endorphins apparently don’t work on Mondays but he has promised me he will come run tomorrow… likely story….!

My run was rather lovely though, even stopped off at a giraffe park for a quick go in the swings… by myself… probably looking like a creeper…

Anyway, the adventure shall continue!

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