‘We’re in the van, the white one’ V2

So, for the second time having just accidentally deleted the whole thing, I shall type this blog again. :’-( apparently I’m not as ‘tech savvy’ as I first thought.

Apologies for not updating sooner – we’ve been rather busy, riding bikes! Yaaaaay

A quick round up of what’s been happening;

its rained, and rained and rained and rained and rained and rained and rained (get the picture?) then become summer again – wahooo


We’ve learnt how to make pizza without an oven. And just to check it works had to test it out again, and again, and again (oink oink)


After busting my knee doing the Tongaririo Alpine Crossing, I wasn’t able to ride for a week so James went out on his own and did a couple of ‘training rides’ for the EWS in a couple of weeks time. Meanwhile, he left me back at the campsite with a mission. A mission to make some curtains for the van. Little did he realise he would return to find out I had instead spent 2 hours in the craft shop followed by super gluing my fingers together… The curtains are now finished and look pretty cool


James has finally made a few friends… Well… Sort of…


This is one of three chickens who have made a home in the in campsite we are staying in. James did name then but with his memory as brilliant as ever he cant remember what he named them.

I’ve got myself a nice cross country loop to do whilst James goes off to try and find hard tecchy stuff he thinks will be in this years EWS, as course maps aren’t released until a few days before he is guessing going on what courses have been used in previous years.

I pootle along on a nice little track loving life, and he comes back with stories of nearly removing his privates, ‘kisses’ with trees and gnarly crashes caught on go-pro


We finally finished ‘The Project’ which had taken many many rainy evenings to complete, THE SHOES! James has new disco slippers to go dance around the woods in


Sadly, before he’d even left the carpark some of the paint had already fallen on – however, he has had many compliments on them since. #girlpower

Its been getting crazy cold in the camper at night, well, I was cold, James was toasty as, so off to the shops to buy another blanket, hot water bottle and a full set of merino, socks, leggings and top – sporting more merino than a sheep


Although, I think the cold may have got to James a bit slightly, one night as we were walking back to the van he observed how big the moon was……………………..


Except it wasnt the moon – it was a lamppost

After all the crazy rain at the start of the week (I think reports were saying we had 2 months worth of rain in a few days) the woods were pretty soggy… Enter James stage right for some wheelie Wednesday action (and wet feet for Victoria)


You don’t get trees like this back home!


I’ve nailed jumping table tops, riding berms and drops, meanwhile James needs to perfect his photoshop tekkers if he’s going to try and convince anyone that i’ve learnt how to scrub…. I haven’t… I’ll stick to jumps for now


We have been staying at a little campsite just down the road from the bike trails (handy) which offers it’s customers 100MB free wifi / 7 days (also handy) however, 100mb isnt really a lot and will only download a couple of podcasts – enter creative brains making up emails and passwords to get more wifi…

However there was a moment of sheer panic when we thought the campsite was on to us one evening because it stopped working! EEEEEEEEEK! Buuuutttt it was all ok and we are back to 100MB at a time


We have also experienced a proper earthquake, well I say we, James did – I was washing my teeth and didn’t feel a thing whilst James saw the whole building move!


And here’s a picture of some lovely trees, just because!


With the impending visit from Miss Jones and Payner, we decided to head off on an adventure…

The adventure continues (disco slippers, rescued with nail polish and all!)

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